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Kompetensi TKJ dalam WorldSkills International

Kompetensi apa saja di TKJ yang dilombakan dalam WorldSkills International dapat anda lihat dalam kutipan di bawah ini. Selain kompetensi TKJ ada kompetensi-kompetensi SMK lainnya yang dapat anda lihat di http://www.worldskills.org. berikut kutipannya...

Information Network Cabling
In this skill contest, participants compete in designing, installing, and testing telecommunications networks. Each competitor receives one broad task, in which he or she should perform the entire data cabling process from the telecommunications operator to the computer at home or in the office. The work involves designing, realising, and testing optical fibre and local area network interfaces, as well as the construction of a cable television network.
A competitor's craftsmanship is measured in particular through the connection of different types of cables to other cables in interfaces, as well as cable termination in interface panels or boxes - for example, connecting two optical fibres to each other through welding or the termination of an optical fibre in an optical fibre panel.  
IT Network Systems Administration
Skills include the ability to:

  • Install a complex, custom IT solution with workstations, users, servers and networking equipment 
  • Use a variety of operating systems and server software 
  • Implement business IT systems with servers, workstations and network devices 
  • Tackle business-to-business communication solutions, accessing the Internet and other business networks safely and efficiently Install and configure wireless network devices, switches, routers and data protection devices
  • Ensure security of stored information and give access to relevant users 
  • Provide system level documentation and diagrams Install, maintain and troubleshoot VOIP devices and software

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