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Mengenal Hardware PC sebelum Menginstall Linux

Before we install our linux system, for the better write hardware specification of your mechine. Some time we need the information during installation process, because not all hardware type detected well by Linux.

If you have planned that you are going to install XWindows too make sure your Linux distribution support the VGA Card of your mechine. And then, if you want to connect to the network, make sure the ethernet card used supported by linux also.

To ensure that your mechine supported by Linux, you can read on the hardware HOWTO.

The another thing to be attention, if you have planned that you are going to connect your mechine to the network, preferable network settings such as IP address, netmask and gateway address have known before.
But if you dont know about the information you can skip this process and set it up later.

If you have decided that you are going to install and configure Linux as your main network server, then you have planned that, simple as it may be its still a plan. The following information is designed to provide some basic everyday considerations to expand your new network plan.

* Your ISP's Acceptable Use Policy
* Server Requirements
* Internet Domain Name
* Network Topology

tanks to mas ikhwan

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