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Maintenance Handphone

perawatan hpCell Phone, which is commonly used as a communicating tool by people is facing a hot summer’s “test.” Only with proper maintenance, the use of well and the love of machines in order to protect your work performance, better service life longer. Summer is a hot, rainy, rainy season, such a climate characterized by high-end easy to use and maintenance of communications products bring some small trouble. People most commonly used mobile phones as a communication tool, is facing a hot summer’s “test.” Only with proper maintenance, the use of well and the love of machines in order to protect your work performance, better service life longer.

Avoid wet, wet in the rain

Phone as a high-end communications products, the inside has a large number of precision components, once the water or damp very easily lead to metal interface, the circuit board rusty and short circuit. Exactly is an abundant summer rain season, so try to avoid the coast, rain and fog weather, moist environments such as mobile phones, particularly to prevent the rain touched the surface of the cell phone. Once the water cell phone, processing approach is to immediately remove the battery as soon as possible to send professional repair and maintenance depots, must not dry handling or unauthorized opening its own internal movement.

Avoid dust, oil

As the summer temperatures are high, people who sweat easily out of oil. A mobile phone, cell phone panels often face contact, grease and sweat will pollute the surface of the phone, or even damage internal circuits. At the same time, a large number of oil, sweat absorption of the dust, dust of the invasion on the life of mobile phones is also a threat. In order to extend the working life of mobile phones, you can regularly with cotton dipped in a little absolute alcohol, wipe the surface of wipe out stains cell phone, avoid the use of potent cleaning agents, washing liquid high concentration of products.

To avoid exposure, temperature

High temperature or sudden changes in temperature and other factors also contributed to the shortened life mobile phones “enemies.” High-temperature plastic parts make mobile phone, the internal circuit board, battery deform and even melt; while the changes in temperature can lead to cold air, condensation of moisture inside the phone intrusion, vandalism, corrosion circuits and batteries. Therefore, in the hot summer, do not place the phone a long time in the car and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun-screen cell phone under the sun at the same time to prevent the carrying out of a regular mobile phone temperature variation in the environment.

To avoid wrestling touch, thunder and lightning

The summer due to wear thin, cell phones are not easy to carry to place, some people simply always be in his hand, which will virtually increase the opportunities for mobile bump. Be squeezed or collision cell phone, LCD screen, easy to break, or black spots appear on the screen, the circuit elements may also be a result of the collision threw off, so to avoid the cell phone experience “accidental flawed.” In addition, the thunderstorm days do not play outdoor and open space in mobile phones, mobile phones do harm is to be completely burned at the same time, the user’s life is also threatened.

To avoid the battery when the temperature
Mobile phone battery maintenance is a year round must pay attention to the problem. There experiments show that 0 degrees to 10 degrees between the lithium-ion battery to save a month, electricity can be maintained at about 90%; in 30 degrees to 40 degrees, the same battery charge just one week on only 60% of the time, and shows the dangers of high temperature on the battery.
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