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HotSpot Software for W98/200X/Server/XP/Vista/7/32/64bit

HotSpot Software for W98/200X/Server/XP/Vista/7/32/64bit and hotspot server helps you in controlling and billing your customers for the Internet usage. Customers will be redirected to your login page to sign-in or pay before getting the Internet access, or automatically logged in with remaining quota and time. The software controls download, upload, data transfer (bandwidth quota), time usage, visited pages and blocks the inappropriate content.
HotSpot Billing software Create and print accounts Configure accounts Different price plans Real time statistics and usage reports Statistics graph Total daily usage Customer is redirected to the login page Offer free trial and self-signup Easily change logo Match your brand and modify themes Integrate with Hotel PMS using API Simple topology Complex topology Two network cards and HotSpot softwar
HotSpot Billing software runs on your Windows PC, controls unlimited user accounts, and displays data to customers on your self-branded pages. It includes billing, statistics and reporting with many ISP grade features - not available in router based WiFi hotspots.

It is suitable for any business size - Single WiFi access point to the global ISP.
you can download in this link

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